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12 July
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  Hello, this is a sales journal with the intention of selling clothing from my precious days of sporting lolita fashion, a lifestyle I have regrettably left. I am not part of an organization or company, I do not do this for a living, nor I am not a robot, honestly, I am just a regular girl in Orange County county looking to sell a few things and add to some lolitas' closets out there. :)

Simply because I am not a part of an established company, does not mean that I am unreliable in the least. After recieving payment, I will ship the item to you within the next week guaranteed unless otherwise specified, and at the shipping speed of your preference. Everything that is sold has come straight from the cashier of the brand store, to my closet, and out to you.

To be completely straightforward, I have a ridiculous amount of lolita clothing. Haha. If there's an item I haven't listed for sale anywhere yet you are specifically looking for, there's a decent possibility that I possess something similar to what you're seeking, so feel free to ask if I do! I'll probably be willing to sell it.

Thank you! ♥

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If for whatever reason you're curious about myself as a person and not a merchant, I have no problems telling you. Although I'm not sure why you would be. I'm an an ex raging lolita enthusiast who used to adore the fashion more than anything, wearing it everywhere. All I could think about was lace and bows, and I would frequent Tokyo purchasing as much as I could take back home to California with me. Nowadays, the thrill had (unbelievably) worn off and I'm just another petticoat-less teenager. I'm a sophomore in high school, a casual artist, and am currently in love with the rave scene.